Game Star Trek:
Deep Space Nine
- Crossroads of Time
Author/Vendor Novatrade / Playmates
Released 1995
Game Type Platform
Language English
Graphics problems in cinemas!
Turn Raster Fx ON.
Gens (0.88)
"Station log, stardate 46871.6. Station traffic is at a near standstill due to political unrest on Bajor. Our only visitor today is a Cardassian warship 'showing the flag.' Either of these could have something to do with several recent attempts at sabotaging the station. We are currently investigating the problem...."

A notable departure from the usual platform game. You have the run of the station in just about any direction you choose. Graphics and animation are fairly decent, and the development of the game's plot is both logical and sensible. Treat this as your normal run-and-jump, and you will get bored fast. Accept it for the interactive puzzler that it is, and you will have lots of fun. One of the more enjoyable titles among the many games based on Gene Roddenberry's legendary franchise.