Game Dahna Megami Tanjyo
Author/Vendor IGS
Released 1991
Game Type Platform / Beat 'em up
Language Japanese
Sound problems!
Gens (0.95)
You play the role of a beautiful young warrior babe in this bloody arcade beat-'em-up whose plot is the typical "I must avenge/attack/defend (fill in the blank here)" storyline.

A side-scrolling beat-'em up in the same vein as Golden Axe, but with far fewer moves and smaller graphics. Has a violence content worthy of Hokouto no Ken, and has some of the most original level design to be found in a platform fighter. Its power-up animation sequence is by far superior to most other Golden Axe clones, and it has some rather unique gameplay elements of its own. Easy to learn, difficult to master, well worth the effort.