Game Clocktower (Jantei Monogatari)
Author/Vendor Telnet Japan
Released 1991
Game Type Tile game
Language Japanese
Gens (0.92)
You play the role of a private investigator whose latest case takes him to an exclusive all-girls school. The story is advanced by playing a tile game with the various characters, or you can skip the story and just play the tile game itself.

If you are ignorant of Japanese, if you are not a otaku, if you don't care for tile games, or some combination of the three, then you'd better skip this one. It's a shame, really, because this has some of the best anime cinemas I've ever seen in a MegaDrive game, and the story is actually pretty good given the constraints of the format. If only they had made a true RPG out of this one...sigh....

This game is commonly referred to as Clock Tower due to the opening cinema. It is not to be confused with the game of the same name for the SNES or PSX.