Sonic's Secrets: Chakan - the Forever Man.

Potion Recipies.

To finish this game you're going to have to learn which potions are needed for your special powers.

1. Invisibility
(2 Blue)

2. Enemies Slowed
(1 Blue + 1 Green)

3. Air Sword
(2 Green)

4. Fire Bomb
 (1 Green + 1 Red)  

5. Ice Sword
 (1 Clear + 1 Red)  

6. First Aid
(2 Clear)


7. Fire Sword
(1 Blue + 1 Red)

8. Jumping Boots
(1 Clear + 1 Blue)

9. Invincibility
(1 Clear + 1 Green)

10. Earth Sword
(2 Red)

11. Doorway
(1 Clear + 1 Red)

12. Swap Hourglass
(2 Clear)

Easy way to get to the end.

First, select PRACTICE mode from the options menu (see right).
You will start the game with unlimited potions. Go to the small platform above the air portal (the bottom-right portal) and use potion 11 (see above) to open the doorway to the elemental plane.
Keep yourself invincible (potion 9) and you should be able to zip right to the end.

Cheat Mode.

To activate the cheat mode press C + Start on BOTH Controllers when you load the game.

For all the weapons, enter the Potion screen and press: Up, Down, Left, Right on Controller Two.

For all the potions, enter the potion screen and press Start, A, B, C on Controller Two.
If you need a top up just press them again.

Level Select.

Cheat mode must be enabled for this to work.

Whenever you want to switch levels, press B whilst you're on the potions screen.

A menu should appear in the lower left-hand corner (see right).

Press B to scroll through the levels, and press Start to warp to your selection.