GAME GENIE CODES: Chakan the Forever Man.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  AKZA-TA7L  Protection from most hits
   2  AB3A-TCF2  Invincibility lasts longer after getting hit
   3  DB3A-TAF2  Invincibility does not last as long
   4  RLGA-TA4C  Invincibility (falling still kills you)
   5  ALJA-WA74 + ALJA-WA8J    Using an alchemy does not use up potions  
   6  P0AT-XTVR  Start with 4 blue potions
   7  P0AT-XTVW  Start with 4 green potions
   8  P0AT-XTV0  Start with 4 red potions
   9  P0AT-XTV4  Start with 4 clear potions
 10  RGJA-W600  Super jump
 11  ACGT-VE7W  Infinite time
 12  RGRT-W6TG  Scythe always available
 13  RGRA-W604  Grappling hook always available
 14  RGRA-W61N  Battering mallet always available
 15  RGRT-W6T6  Battle axe always available

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