Game Castlevania Bloodlines
(Castlevania The New
Generation / Akumajo
Dracula - Vampire Killer)
Author/Vendor Konami
Released 1994
Game Type Platform
Language English
See Note below!
Turn RasterFX ON.
Graphics problems in areas with water (Turn RasterFX back OFF!).
Gens (1.20)
See Note below!


A lot of the "bugs" previously reported, by myself and others, are in fact part of the game! Although Gens (v1.00 or above ) appears to be the only emulator to run the game 100%.
The only game in the Castlevania line to be released for the Genesis, this one follows the exploits of two vampire hunters as they battle a mysterious countess bent on reviving Count Dracula.

Features your choice of two characters, the usual solid Castlevania gameplay, [outstanding] graphics, and lots and lots of blood. I don't like it as well as Castlevania IV [for the SNES], but it's still worth a try.