GAME GENIE CODES: Caliber .50.

 No.  Code  Effect
  2  AB9A-BE5N  Infinite grenades
  3  XGHT-AAF2  Start with 99 grenades
  4  AYMT-KA2L  Grenade pick-up adds 5 instead of 10
  5  AEMT-KA2L  Grenade pick-up adds 1
  6  AB4A-AA2Y  Infinite lives
  7  RZ5T-A6YJ  Almost invincible
  8  ATMT-KA2A  Power up happens 2x as fast
  9  BAMT-KA2A    Power up happens 4x as fast
 10  BWJA-B8WL  Start and restart with full power--normal level only
 11  BGJA-B8W2  Start and restart with full power--difficult level only  

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