Game Cadash
Author/Vendor Taito
Released 1992
Game Type Platform
Language English
Make sure Checksums are OFF!
Don't Fix Rom Checksum!
Gens (0.92)
Make sure 'Auto-Fix Checksums' is OFF!
"Welcome!" says the king, "Long have I awaited your arrival. My kingdom of Dirzar was once a peaceful place until the Balrog came. He has abducted my daughter and laid waste to the land. Now I must trust in you to bring her back to me safely and rid us of this terror." With that, you begin your quest as either warrior or magician to rid the land of the evil Balrog.

A side-scroll fantasy platformer that strives for RPG intensity but utimately fails. The RPG element tends to slow down the game, as it needlessly complicates the power-up process. If they had just stuck to the arcade element, then Taito might have had something here.