Game Battle Frenzy (USA) / Bloodshot (Euro)
Author/Vendor Domark
Released 1994
Game Type Doom Clone
Language English (USA) / Multlilanguage (Euro) (Dual language-set console accordingly)
Defaults to Battle Frenzy.
Set Country to Europe (PAL) for Bloodshot (E).
Doesn't default to one region - USA/JAPAN/EUROPE depends on which
country is selected in the version menu!
Doesn't display title screen or intro/cinema in USA mode!
Gens (0.99)
Default language depends on the order set in Country Autodetection.
Set Country to USA for Battle Frenzy (U).
Set Country to Europe(PAL) for Bloodshot.
NOTE: The corrupt textures on walls appear to be part of the game!
(Checked on a real Mega-Drive with an original cart) 
December 2049 - an alien armada assaults the Sol System. Using data gathered from a captured alien cruiser, you mission is to board the enemy's main battle cruiser and disable all sixteen of its main plasma nodes. To prepare you for the fight ahead, the Battle Frenzy chip (code name Bloodshot) is implanted into your neural net, which will turn you into the ultimate killing machine.

A first-person 3D shooter that bears a strong resemblance to Wolfenstein 3D. Walk around, blow stuff up, kill the bad guys, avoid the traps - pretty standard fare by now.