Game Battle Mania 2
Author/Vendor Vic Tokai
Released 1995
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language Japanese
Turn RasterFX ON.
Gens (0.92)
Mania Ohtori and Maria Waneda aren't just your average gorgeous-looking babes with a bit of an attitude. They are in truth the infamous mercenary team of Madison and Crystal, better known as the Trouble Shooters, who will take on any job for the right amount of money. This is an apparent take on the popular Japanese manga/anime series Dirty Pair.

A cute Japanese shooter with only passable graphics, gameplay, and weapons systems. Otaku can take it out for a spin, otherwise avoid.

In Battle Mania 2 the girls take on an powerful enemy who is bent on taking over the city with the help of an array of both bestial and high-tech stooges.