GAME GENIE CODES: The Adventures of Batman & Robin.
 No.  Code  Effect
   1  ACSA-AADL    Start with 1 life
   2  BGSA-AADL  Start with 10 lives
   3  AGSA-AADT  Start with 1 credit
   4  BGSA-AADT  Start with 9 credits
   5  C2CA-CA5C  Infinite life points
   6  AJCA-CA6W  Infinite lives
   7  AJFA-CA8C    Weapon does not discharge
   8  A28T-DE2N  Weapon gets full power on first power up  
   9  A4SA-AAD6  Start with weapon at level 6 firepower
 10  AGSA-AAD0  Start with Shuriken instead of Batarang
 11  ALSA-AAD0  Start with Bolo instead of Batarang

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