Game Batman Forever
Author/Vendor Acclaim
Released 1995
Game Type Platform / Beat 'em up
Language English
Major graphics problems, Crashes after a while!
Major graphics problems!
Gens (0.95)
Note: This game supports the 6-Button Genesis Pad.
"Riddle me this, riddle me that - who's afraid of the big bad bat?" Once again, masochistic masters of crime are rampaging 'round Gotham City. This time, it's the animated antics of the rapscallious Riddler with the help of the horrible Two-Face that threatens the peace of Gotham. It's up to the compound crafts of the Dyanamic Duo to decidedly deuce this troublesome twosome.

Inspired by the mediocre in-your-face live-action movie starring Val Kilmer, Chris McDonnell, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones; itself based on the original characters created by Bob Kane for DC Comics.

Far from being the standard movie tie-in, this game is actually a commendable effort. It's no Mortal Combat, and your character choices are limited to just Batman and Robin, but it does have a host of fighting moves and fairly decent enemies. If only the levels weren't so repetetive, then this might have been a must-buy. As it is, it's a game that all fans of the Dark Knight will love.