Sonic's Secrets: B.O.B.

Power-Up Code.

Ont the "Foley High Tech Systems" screen (see right), quickly press:

A + B + C  (Together) on controller two.

You should hear a chime confiming the code has been accepted.

Now when you start the game and you will have infinite lives, all weapons, and all remotes!

Secret Room.

At the end of the first level, stand next to the stars that enable you to finish the level. (see right)

Now use the helecoptor or spring pads to go through the ceiling and into a secret room where you will find all the weapons and remotes.


For an added bonus, replace the second number in any password with '9' and you'll gain several remotes and other bonuses.

 Level  Password    Level  Password  
 Goth 2  171058  Anciena 6  583172
 Goth 3  950745  Anciena 7  743690
 Goth 4  472149  Ultraworld 1  743690
 Anciena 1  672451  Ultraworld 2  103928
 Anciena 2  272578  Ultraworld 3  144895
 Anciena 3  652074  Ultraworld 4  775092
 Anciena 4  265648  Ultraworld 5    481376
 Anciena 5    462893