Disney's ALADDIN

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Getting Started
Choosing Options
Button Controls


Look for adventure, and you'll find Aladdin. He's always where the action is, leaping across rooftops and running through the hustle and bustle of Agrabah. The streets are chock full of knife jugglers, snake charmers, basket thieves and, oh yes, a sultan size squad of Palace Guards, part of Royal Deceiver... er, make that Advisor... Jafar's ever present troops.

There's trouble afoot in the Sultan's palace, with Princess Jasmine trapped in the middle. Greedy Jafar is about to pull some very evil tricks out of his turban. And Aladdin's about to be caught up in a high - speed chase full of magic, action and untold hazards. Only the quickest of street rats will be able to escape them!

It's no ordinary  escapade that Aladdin's about to face. He's got to fight through Agrabah, escape the Sultan's dungeon, survive the fiery Cave of Wonders, snatch the Genie's lamp and battle Jafar in his own secret sanctum.

Aladdin's got a few streetwise tricks of his own, plus a shining scimitar to make sure he trades slash for slash. And maybe...just maybe... he'll get a wish or two. But even for the world's smartest street rat, there's danger ahead!

Getting Started

Press the D-PAD up or down to choose either START or OPTIONS from the Main menu on the Title screen. Then press the START button.

Choosing Options

Make your choices on the Options menu before you start play:

     * Press the D-PAD up or down to select an option.

     * Press BUTTON A, B or C to change the setting.

     * Press START at any time to go back to the Main menu on the Title screen.


How far can you go on the least number of Tries? Choose your Difficulty level and find out. The harder the level, the fewer Tries and apples you start with. (You can pick up extra Tries and apples in the game.)

Music Is

ON so you can listen to the exhilarating Academy Award winning songs straight from the movie. Or you can turn the music OFF.

Sound FX Are

ON or OFF, depending on whether or not you want to hear them while you play.

Sound Test

Hear all the sounds in the game, both music and sound effects.

     * Press BUTTON A, B or C, then use the D-PAD to scroll the sound list up or down.

     * Press BUTTON A to hear the marked selection.

     * Press START or BUTTON B or C to close the list and return to the Options menu.

Triggers Are

Reset BUTTONS A, B and C to your personal liking, from six different settings. If you don't change the buttons, the controls will be:

 Button  Action
   A  THROW  
   C  JUMP


Press START at any time to return to the Main menu, or choose EXIT and then press BUTTON A, B or C.

Button Controls
* Move right or left.  - D-PAD right or left.
* Crouch; duck; look down.  - D-PAD down.
* Look up; climb; hanging ropes.  - D-PAD up.
* Slash with scimitar.  - SWORD button. (Button B)
* Throw with apples.  - THROW button. (Button A)
* Jump up; grab onto ropes, clotheslines,
   overhead poles and handholds.
 - JUMP button. (Button C)
* Jump right or left.  - JUMP button  (Button C) + D-PAD right or left.
* Pause or resume game.  - START.

Remember: You can reset the THROW, SWORD and JUMP buttons on the Options menu.


Rope Climbing

Jump up, left or right to grab onto a hanging rope. Hold the D-PAD up to climb up; hold it down to shimmy back down. To fight, release the D-PAD and press the SWORD or THROW button. Jump left or right to a safe landing, or to leap from one hanging rope to another.

Somersaulting High jump

Jump onto a gleaming flagpole for a head over heels high jump.

Magic Rope Riding

Find a flute in Agrabah to gain a magic rope. Jump up, left or right to grab onto the rope. Hold on while the rope flies you to the new spot. Jump again to let go.

Hand Over Hand Swing

Jump up to grab an overhead clothesline, pole or another handhold. Press and hold the D-PAD right or left to swing hand over hand. To fight, release the D-PAD and press the SWORD or THROW button. Jump again to let go.

Slashing Scimitars

As Aladdin, you've got your work "cut out"! Swish and slash your shining scimitar, and pelt your enemies with apples. You're on the run, so like a true street rat it's best to stay one jump ahead of Jafar's gang!



The smoke in the lamp at the top left of the screen is your health. Don't let it fade away! Some of the smoke vanishes each time you get hurt. The lamp will flash when you get down to your last few hit points. You can restore the smoke with Genie Hearts.


Watch your points add up!


You start with a different number of Tries, depending on your Difficulty level. You lose a try when you run out of health. Abu and the Genie are in your corner to help you revive, as long  as you above have Tries left. You can get extra Tries by collecting Aladdin power-ups hidden throughout the game.


Pick up big gleaming jewels to increase your Gem count. Use Gems to buy extra Tries and Wishes (Continues) from the Peddler.


You start with a different number of bright red apples, depending on your Difficulty level. Use them to pelt your opponents, from Palace Guards to attacking snakes. That'll get rid of them quick, before they get close. You can pick up more apples almost everywhere. Try not to run out.

P.S.: Look out for the Basket Thief - his hobby is swiping apples.


You gain something good very time you run across the items on these pages.

Try to keep your Apple count high so you'll always have long range ammunition.

Snake Charmer's Flute:
Catch a flute to get a magic rope that will help you escape to a higher spot. Look for musical notes that lead you to the flutes.

Genie Heart:
This restores some of your health.

This golden charm gives you an extra Try.

When these add up, you can buy extra tries and Wishes (Continues) from the Peddler.

Abu Token:
One of those is good for a trip to Abu's Bonus Round when you clear the level.

Genie Token:
One of these will take you to the Genie's Bonus Machine after you clear the level. Pick up as many as you can, so you'll have extra tokens to play the machine.

Black Lamp Smart Bomb:
When Jafar's brass booby trap explodes, it knocks out all nearby enemies.

Blue Vase:
This is a milestone marker. When you lose a Try and revive, you'll restart the level at the last Blue Vase you passed.

Apples Slices:
You'll run into these on your high - speed Rug Ride through the Cave of Wonders. Four apple slices add up to one extra apple.

Scarab Halves:
Find two of these to gain entrance to the Cave of Wonders.

Genie's Lamp:
Search for this in the Cave of Wonders. Its magical powers will help you rescue Princess Jasmine - if Jafar doesn't get it first!


Surprise and adventure follow Aladdin wherever he travels. For instance, the mysterious Peddler is always close by. When Aladdin finds the Peddler, he will open up his stall for business.

To make your purchase, stand in front of the stall, on either the left or the right, and press the D-PAD up. Just be sure you've collected enough Gems ahead of time.

Extra Try --- 5 Gems.

Wish ------- 10 Gems.


If Aladdin could wish for anything, it would probably be to defeat Jafar, save Jasmine and live happily ever after. But he wouldn't want to give up all the fun he's having as a street rat.

When Aladdin buys a Wish from the Peddlers, he gets everything he's wishing for - sort of.

A Wish gives Aladdin one Continue. That means when he loses his last try, he can continue the game from the level he's at, instead of having to start over.

Every time you continue a game, you get the same number of lives as when you first started the game. A wish could be worth up to six extra Tries.


Agrabah Street

* Give the Sword Guards a "hot foot" by making them run across the hot coals!

* Throwing apples at the Sword Juggler will only give you applesauce, unless you time it just right.

* There's no game clock, so take your time. Fight all the enemies and try to get all the power - ups. As the noted Thief of Agrabah, the more you look for, the more you'll find.


The Desert

* It's too hot to race across the burning sands. Take it slow - and always be ready for attacks.

* The leafy tops of the palm trees are good for something besides growing coconuts. Try to figure out what it is.

* Find the Scarab. But watch out, it flies away! Keep searching!


Agrabah Rooftops

* Get all the floating flutes - and the magic item they cause to appear.

* Make the Palace Guards drop his drawers, and he'll be too embarrassed to fight.

* Use flagpoles and ropes to race around the roofs.

* Find Gazeem the Thief and make him give up something you're looking for.

* Defeat Razoul, the Captain of the Guards, to escape the rooftops.


Sultan's Dungeon

* Welcome to Jafar's "retirement home" for thieves and other rascals.

* Whack pesky bats early on to get them out of your hair.

* Yikes! Spikes! Time your steps and jumps to the rhythm of the sliding spikes and stones. Don't move too fast!

* Easy does it around the swinging wrecker balls.

 Cave of Wonders

* You'll wonder how you're ever going to escape this rumbling cavern filled with the most fabulous treasures ever seen - and the most menacing!

* Watch out for ambushes by "armed" and dangerous Shiva statues! Destroy them to find the way into other parts of the cave.

* It'll take all your deft swordwork and rapid footwork to overwhelm the four - armed, sabre slashing Shiva Monkey.


The Escape

* A tremor shakes the crumbling, blistering hot tunnel. You must leap across the fiery lava lake. Now you're in for a hot time!

* The quaking volcano spews forth burning balls of lava. Can you out race them?


Rug Ride

* Streak away on the high - speed magic carpet to escape the red hot lava wave. Follow the Genie's pointing fingers to duck or fly over the monstrous boulders blocking your way.

* Build up your ammunition supply. Four apple quarters give you one extra apple. Try to grab Genie Tokens and Aladdin's, too.


Inside the Lamp

* Ever wonder what a Genie's got inside his lamp? Now you'll find out.

* Slide on the Genie's smoke curls, hang on balloons and ping - pong like a pinball at the flick of the Genie's finger.


Sultan's Palace

* Awk! Keep the flamingoes squawking to cross the lily pads. Don't fall in!

* Your magic carpet saves the day! Ride the rug up to the terrace. Since this is the Sultan's Palace, it's loaded with Palace Guards. Stay on your toes!

* Heavy ropes lead the way to the Palace penthouse, and a throng of junk food gobbling guards.

* Find the trap door that leads to Jafar's Quarters and stop Iago from running Jafar's "storm" machine.

* Iago has a terrific surprise he's cooked up just for you - one that'll make your head spin!

* Don't forget to free Abu!


Jafar's Palace

* You're getting closer to the root of the problem - Jafar! His palace is booby trapped with sizzling floors, swinging wrecker balls, and sneaky guards who fight like wild tigers.

* Timing is all important! Go slow and keep a cool head - so you don't lose it.


There's more to the Genie than just his "pretty face." The Genie runs a Bonus Machine. You can play his game of luck every time you clear a level and have collected one or more Genie Tokens.

The Genie Tokens you collect add up to the number of times you can play.

* Press BUTTON A, B or C to select a random prize.

* When you run out of Tokens, the bonus round will end.

Picture      Prize
Gem    - 1 Gem
Apple    - 5 Apples
Aladdin    - 1 Extra Try
Jafar    - Lose All Genie Tokens


Life just wouldn't be the same without Abu! He's more curious than a cat, more stubborn than a mule, and sillier than a monkey. (Wait a minute - he is a monkey!) He's so smart, that he has his own bonus round where he can collect Gems, apples, and extra Tries.

Pick up an Abu Token in three of Aladdin's levels. Then, after you play the Genie's Bonus Machine, you'll go on to Abu's Bonus Round.

Make Abu run back and forth to pick up the special items that drop all around him. It's too bad that pots or rocks are also hailing down. Along with swordslinging guards and other perils, they make things difficult for the little guy. One hit, and the round ends.

Watch out, Abu!

Flute  - 150 points
Genie Heart  - 150 points
Aladdin  - 150 points
Gem  - 150 points
Abu Token  - 150 points
Genie Token  - 250 points
Apple Slice  - 150 points
Bats  - 200 points
Scarab Half  - 1000 points
Genie's Lamp  - 1000 points