Game Alien Soldier
Author/Vendor Treasure / Acclaim
Released 1995
Game Type Platform / Shoot 'em up
Language English
Set Country to European! Set RasterFX to FULL.
Set version to European. Turn RasterFx ON.
You must press START before the intro finishes or it will lock up!
Gens (0.92)
It is the year 2015. A spacefaring terrorist group known as Scarlet has become strong enough to seal the space lanes around Earth. A sudden, desperate attack planned in secret wounds Scarlet's leader Epsilon, causing a power struggle among the terrorists and giving humanity time to regroup and fight back. Two old foes among the genetically-engineered terrorists now vie for control of the organization, the outcome of which could determine the fate of mankind.

From the makers of the legendary Gunstar Heroes, this platform shoot 'em up is reminiscent of Contra but with more options. Loud graphics and louder audio, looks cool and plays pretty decently.